children & young people

Art therapy provides a regular time and space to think and talk about any problems or conflicts you might be feeling. Sometimes talking through a concern or worry can help resolve it.

Making art helps to explain feelings or experiences when there might not be any words to describe them.

You don’t need to be ’good’ at art to have art therapy or feel you have to tell anyone you are doing it if you don't want to, as it is a private, safe time for you.

In art psychotherapy young people can be supported to resolve identity crisis, unresolved conflicts in familial relationships, underlying issues relevant to substance abuse and eating disorders and blocks in their development, which once explored, can promote greater autonomy, maturity and emotional wellbeing.

parents & carers

It is not always easy as a parent to find out what your child needs in a difficult time and a child can’t always find the words to explain why they feel the way they feel.

Besides obvious stressful events and situations that can seriously affect a child emotionally, it could be that a child simply does not seem happy, develops unusual new habits, concerning reports come back from school regarding changed behavior or a child frequently appears sad or displays uncontrolled anger.

It may be that a child has gone through a very difficult time such as a divorce, a loss of a family member, abuse or coping with illness of a parent or their own. Being able to express their difficult emotions is then very important.

Art psychotherapy can facilitate this need, benefiting a healthy child, as it provides a natural, safe, and non-intrusive method to assist in recovery from common distressing events. Through this form of treatment children externalize their issues, thereby reducing anxiety and behavioral enactment.

Children can be referred to an art psychotherapist by schools, hospitals, GP’s, social services and also by parents who feel their children could benefit from emotional support.

We offer Dyadic therapy if required.

Dyadic art therapy is an innovative process, in which parent and child share the production of an artwork. Aiming to reinforce parent-child bonding and support attachments.

Therapy starts with an initial consultation with the child and a parent/ carer.

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