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The government recognises the importance of preventative early intervention and a good school is judged by its ability to deal with problems that arise, while OFSTED increasingly recognises the important part played by a professional therapist in a school’s pastoral care system.

As an early intervention, art psychotherapy can help reduce the escalation of some problems for children and their families by identifying many issues that can potentially lead to a greater level of intervention into adolescence and beyond.

When pupils are experiencing emotional difficulties they find learning very hard and their inclusion in school life is affected. By addressing and meeting their emotional needs they are then better able to access learning and develop, and this in turn affects the wellbeing of the whole family and the broader staff team.

We work along side school staff, social workers and other health professionals, offering opportunities to talk about child development and the emotional wellbeing of all children they work with.

Art psychotherapy carried out in the familiar environment of school, is highly accessible to children of all ages and their families, who might not fit into the criteria of a referral to agencies outside school.

artisan affirmation:

• supports the core principles of ‘The Child Poverty Act 2010’ and ‘Department for Education’ by offering individual and group art psychotherapy as a form of preventative and early intervention to meet the needs of the client.

• provides support to children and families who are involved with local Safeguarding and Social Care Services or Child and Family Service / CAMHS.

• provides support for pupils in line with the SEN Code of Practice by contributing to IEP reviews and multi-professional meeting

• compliments SEAL and help achieve targets set out in the local Children and Young People’s Plan.

we provide an on location / residential art psychotherapy consultancy service for:

• Primary schools, state and private

• Secondary schools, state and private

• SEN Schools or classes

• Pupil referral units

• TaMHS (targeted mental health schools)

• Nursery and Children’s centers

• GP’s surgeries

• Young peoples organisation's

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